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Cy Young Contenders-1st Month

There was many surprises around the MLB after April. Pitchers came up in the clutch to lead their team to victory. I know it is early, but here are some pitchers to watch out for. This is NOT if the season ended today--it is who I think is on track to win it. <br />National League<br />1. Tim Lincecum<br /><span> </span>Lincecum continues to impress game after game with his amazing stuff. He will be a great pitcher for many years to come. Lincecum and Sandoval might be the only reason the Giants might have any chance at the playoffs. I believe if Lincecum can guide the Giants to the playoffs, the award will be his yet again.<br />2. Roy Halladay<br /><span> </span>Roy took no time adjusting to the National League as hes off to a great start with the Phillies. Roy has proved he can last a solid nine innings when he's on. Roy has a dazzling 1.47 ERA so far, and with the Phillies power packed offense, he shouldn't lose many more games. <br />3. Adam Wainwright<br /><span> </span>Wainwright is one of the many reasons his Cards will be the best in the National League. The Cardinals feature a deadly rotation, anchored by Wainwright. As he showed last year. Wainwright has the ability to last long, fool batters with his off-speed and overpower them with his fastball. This is a guy you can always count on.<br />4. Barry Zito<br /><span> </span>Yes, im putting him this high up. Zito received that contract he wanted long ago, and he's finally realizes he has to do something. After sub-par seasons with the Giants, Zito has brought much more intensity this year. His stuff his still excellent and there's no reason why he shouldn't continue his success after the confidence he has built for himself. We all know this guy has Cy Young potential.<br />5. Chris Carpenter<br /><span> </span>This veteran has never failed to impress. Since he has been with the Cardinals hes been nothing but succesful, bouncing back from injuries and winning games. While he might not have as good of a year as last years campaign, he sure will bring a lot to the table for this years club. Carp is another guy that gives his team a chance every time.<br />Honorable Mention: Ubaldo Jimenez, COL; Barry Zito, SF; Brad Penny, STL; Dan Haren, ARI; Yovani Gallardo, MIL; Josh Johnson, FLA.<br />American League<br />hernandezweavergarzariverapricem
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Top 5 Players by Position AL/NL SO FAR

Might not see a player you would like to see on here, but chances are i considered them. Sorry I didn't include RP's or DH's--nothing against them i am a relief pitcher myself.
1. Jorge Posada, NYY
2. Joe Mauer, MIN
3. Matt Wieters, BAL
4. Kurt Suzuki, OAK
5. Jason Kendall, KC
First Base
1. Miguel Cabrera, DET
2. Justin Morneau, MIN
3. Kendry Morales, LAA
4. Ty Wiggington, BAL
5. Paul Konerko, CWS
Second Base
1. Robinson Cano, NYY
2. Dustin Pedroia, BOS
3. Howie Kendrick, LAA
4. Orlando Hudson, MIN
5. Scott Sizemore, DET
Third Base
1. Evan Longoria, TB
2. Alberto Callaspo, KC
3. Mark Teahen, CWS
4. Alex Rodriguez, NYY
5. Adrian Beltre, BOS
1. Yuniesky Betancourt, KC
2. Alex Gonzalez, TOR
3. Derek Jeter, NYY
4. Asdrubal Cabrera, CLE
5. Cliff Pennington, OAK
1. Jose Guillen, KC
2. Vernon Wells, TOR
3. Nelson Cruz, TEX
4. Vladimir Guerrero, TEX
5. Franklin Gutierrez, SEA
Starting Pitcher
1. Jered Weaver, LAA
2. Francisco Liriano, MIN
3. John Danks, CWS
4. Felix Hernandez, SEA
5. Andy Petitte, NYY
1. Miguel Olivo, COL
2. Ivan Rodriguez, WAS
3. Geovany Soto, CHC
4. Bengie Molina, SF
5. Russell Martin, LAD
First Base
1. Albert Pujols, STL
2. Adrian Gonzalez, SD
3. Jorge Cantu, FLA
4. Ryan Howard, PHI
5. Joey Votto, CIN
Second Base
1. Placido Polanco, PHI
2. Kelly Johnson, ARI
3. Dan Uggla, FLA
4. Martin Prado, ATL
5. Chase Utley, PHI
Third Base
1. Pablo Sandoval, SF
2. Casey McGehee, MIL
3. Ian Stewart, COL
4. Casey Blake, LAD
5. Mark Reynolds, ARI
1. Ryan Theriot, CHC
2. Troy Tulowitzki, COL
3. Hanley Ramirez, FLA
4. Stephen Drew, ARI
5. Edgar Renteria, SF
1. Andre Ethier, LAD
2. Ryan Braun, MIL
3. Matt Kemp, LAD
4. Colby Rasmus, STL
5. Marlon Byrd, CHC
Starting Pitcher
1. Ubaldo Jimenez, COL
2. Tim Lincecum, SF
3. Roy Halladay, PHI
4. Mike Pelfrey, NYM
5. Brad Penny, STL
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Cy Young Contenders-Update 2

American League
  1. Justin Verlander, Detroit
  2. Zack Greinke, Kansas City
  3. Felix Hernandez, Seattle
  4. CC Sabathia, New York
  5. Roy Halladay, Toronto
Honorable Mention: Josh Beckett, Boston; Edwin Jackson, DET; Scott Feldman, Texas; Mariano Rivera; New York; Jon Lester, Boston
National League
  1. Chris Carpenter, St. Louis
  2. Tim Lincecum, San Francsico
  3. Adam Wainwright, St. Louis
  4. Matt Cain, San Francsico
  5. Josh Johnson, Florida
Honorable Mention: Dan Haren, Arizona; Javier Vazquez, Atlanta; Joel Pineiro, St. Louis; Ryan Franklin, St. Louis; Heath Bell, San Diego
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Cy Young Contenders-Update

As the 2009 season continues to progress, we have seen some dominating performances by pitchers in both leagues. These are my updated predictions 
for Cy young contenders.
American League
  1. Roy Halladay, Toronto Blue Jays; W-L 13-7, ERA 3.03, K 159
  2. Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners; W-L 12-5, ERA 2.73, K 173
  3. Josh Beckett, Boston Red Sox; W-L 14-5, ERA 3.65, K 154
  4. Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers; W-L 14-7, ERA 3.38, K 211
  5. C.C. Sabathia, New York Yankees; W-L 15-7, ERA 3.59, K 148
Honorable Mention: Zack Greinke, Kansas City Royals; Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees
National League
  1. Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals; W-L 14-3, ERA 2.16, K 111
  2. Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals; W-L 15-7, ERA 2.50, K 157
  3. Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants; W-L 12-4, ERA 2.43, K 214
  4. Matt Cain, San Francisco Giants; W-L 12-4, ERA 2.39, K 133
  5. Ryan Franklin, St. Louis Cardinals; SV 34, ERA 1.07, K 34
Honorable Mention: Josh Johnson, Florida Marlins; Joel Pineiro, St. Louis Cardinals
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Cy Young Contenders

2009 has been another year of solid pitching, with veteran stars doing their thing, and young stars emerging. What these stars are trying to get to by season's end is the coveted Cy Young award. We still have time left in the season, but these are my top 5 in each league who I believe have a stronger chance of winning the award. Who will follow in the footsteps of Johnson, Koufax, Maddux, and Gibson this year? Here are my best guesses.
American League

1. Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners                       

     Win-Loss: 12-4                     

     ERA: 2.84                   

     SO: 148 

King Felix, a young hardthrowing righthander is the primary reason his Mariners are above .500 this season. Take a look at his           numbers and you'll see why he deserves the AL Cy Young. His Win total, ERA, and strikeout totals are all in the top 5. Felix's last two starts have been rough, but a pitcher of his caliber should get right back on track just in time for him to win an AL Cy Young.

2. Zack Greinke, Kansas City Royals

    Win-Loss: 11-7                                    

        ERA: 2.43     

    SO: 167

While not as dominant as he was earlier in the season, Greinke is one of the few bright spots on the Royals, and certainly the 'ace' of the AL Central, so to speak. Greinke continues to baffle hitters with his good selection of pitches, and a solid young fastball, which leads to his league leading 2.43 ERA. While his 7 losses may seem a bit much at this point in the season, greinke deserves better, as his Royals can't always get him the run support he needs.

3. Roy Halladay, Toronto Blue Jays

     Win-Loss: 12-5            

     ERA: 2.73           

     SO: 138

Halladay, a fan favorite and a past Cy Young winner, has not failed to impress this year. The AL All Star starting pitcher has a very low ERA, especially when you consider him being in a division with the best bats in the MLB. Some might argue he should win the Cy Young, while others might argue he shouldn't be in contention, but Halladay, no matter what team he may end up on, will always be a strong starting pitcher.

4. Josh Beckett, Boston Red Sox

     Win-Loss: 13-4

     ERA: 3.12                       

     SO: 139

Beckett continues to trouble hitters with his BoSox this year. His 3.12 ERA translates into repetitive high quality starts. Beckett is currently tied for the Major League lead in wins among pitchers, and expect him to keep performing. 

5. Justin Verlander, DET

    Win-Loss: 12-6                 

     ERA: 3.45          

     SO: 186

Justin is yet another example of just how dominant AL pitching could be in the years to come. The Detroit fireballer holds the AL lead in K's, while keeping an excellent Earned Run Average. Without Verlander, the Tigers would probably not hold on to their first place spot in the Central. The Tigers and championships haven't been synonymous in recent history, but Verlander very well could make them a World Series contender-this time, possibly winning it all.
Honorable Mention: Mariano Rivera, CC Sabathia
National League

1. Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants                         

     Win-Loss: 12-3         

     ERA: 2.20                

      SO: 198

Tim, who works hard day in and day out could very well run away with the award for the second year in a row. He is hoping to get his Giants a spot in the playoffs, which could very well be possible with himself in the rotation. Tim only has 3 losses on the season, a staggering 2.20 ERA, and leads the Major league in strikeouts. How could this guy not win the award? We'll have to see if he can repeat another amazing season, which he, in part, already has done. 

2. Matt Cain, San Francisco Giants

     Win-Loss: 12-4          

      ERA: 2.44          

      SO: 124

Cain, another 'Giant' ace, has had a very impressive season, posting a 2.44 ERA. It is unlikely that the Giants will lose a game with Cain on the mound, another young pitcher who has emerged as a shining star in the Majors. Look for him to continue his successes and fight for a Cy Young Award. 

3. Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals

     Win-Loss: 11-3                  

     ERA: 2.26          

      SO: 87

Carpenter, a pitcher who many considered done, has made an astounding comeback for this 2009 season. Carpenter is a guy who can last very long in a game, and can always be trusted on the mound. He seems to always have a quality start when he's out there. If it weren't for his injury, we'd most likely be seeing a for-sure Cy Young winner out there. 

4. Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals

    Win-Loss: 13-7       

    ERA: 2.73       

    SO: 146

Wainwright is another big reason thje Cards hold a first place lead. His 13 wins tie the Major League lead, and his 2.73 ERA proves he can always be depended on. Wainwirght posts quality start after quality start, and should emerge to be a Cy Young contender for many years to come. 

5. Johan Santana

    Win-Loss: 13-8            

    ERA: 3.00     

    SO:  138

This Met-vet is just doing what hes always done-blowing away hitters with his astounding pitch selection, stamina, and composure. This may even be considered a down year for Santana, who has been one of the few bright spots on the injury plagued Mets. he is anAll-Star pitcher with All-Star stuff, so watch out for him to be in Cy Young contention.

Honorable Mention: Dan Haren, Javie Vazquez, Ryan Franklin
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1. Johnny Bench

2. Josh Gibson

3. Yogi Berra

4. Roy Campanella

5. Ivan Rodriguez

6. Carlton Fisk

7. Gary carter

8. Mickey Cochrane

9. Mike Piazza

10. Bill Dickey

First Base

1. Albert Pujols

2. Lou Gehrig

3. Jimmie Foxx

4. Ernie Banks

5. Hank Greenberg

6. Willie McCovey

7. Eddie Murray

8. Harmon Killebrew

9. Rod Carew

10. Dick Allen

Second Base

1. Rogers Hornsby

2. Joe Morgan

3. Nap Lajoie

4. Eddie Collins

5. Jackie Robinson

6. Charlie Gehringer

7. Craig Biggio

8. Ryne Sandberg

9. Frankie Frisch

10. Bill Mazeroski

Third Base

1. Mike Schmidt

2. Brooks Robinson

3. George Brett

4. Eddie Matthews

5. Ron Santo

6. Frank Baker

7. Wade Boggs

8. Chipper Jones

9. Judy Johnson

10. Pie Traynor


1. Alex Rodriguez

2. Honus Wagner

3. Robin Yount

4. Cal Ripken Jr.

5. Ozzie Smith

6. Barry Larkin

7. Derek Jeter

8. Lou Boudreau

9. Luke Appling

10. Joe Cronin


1. Babe Ruth

2. Ted Williams

3. Barry Bonds

4. Hank Aaron

5. Stan Musial

6. Willie Mays

7. Ty Cobb

8. Mickey Mantle

9. Joe DiMaggio

10. Roberto Clemente/Ken Griffey Jr. 


1. Walter Johnson

2. Lefty Grove

3. Satchel Paige

4. Sandy Koufax

6. Bob Gibson

7. Nolan Ryan

8. Greg Maddux

9. Bob Feller

10. Pedro Martinez


1. Mariano Rivera

2. Dennis Eckersley

3. Trevor Hoffman

4. Rollie Fingers

5. Goose Gossage

6. Bruce Sutter

7. Lee Smith

8. John Franco

9. Billy Wagner

10. Dan Quisenberry

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Best players by position in the NL/AL this year.

American League

1. Joe Mauer, MIN

2. Victor Martinez, CLE

3. A.J. Pierzynski, CWS

4. Jorge Posada, NYY

5. Jason Varitek, BOS

First Basemen

1. Justin Morneau, MIN

2. Mark Teixeira, NYY

3. Miguel Cabrera, DET

4. Kevin Youkilis, BOS

5. Paul Konerko, CWS

Second Basemen

1. Ian Kinsler, TEX

2. Robinson Cano, NYY

3. Dustin Pedroia, BOS

4. Brian Roberts, BAL

5. Akinori Iwamura, TB

Third Basemen

1. Evan Longoria, TB

2. Scott Rolen, TOR

3. Chone Figgins, LAA

4. Michael Young, TEX

5. Mike Lowell, BOS


1. Derek Jeter, NYY

2. Jason Bartlett, TB

3. Marco Scutaro, TOR

4. Brendan Harris, MIN

5. Jhonny Peralta, CLE

Left Fielders

1. Jason Bay, BOS

2. Carl Crawford, TB

3. Johnny Damon, NYY

4. Matt Holliday, OAK

5.Juan Rivera, LAA

Center Fielders

1. Torii Hunter, MIN

2. Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS

3. Curtis Granderson, DEt

4. Adam Jones, BAL

5. Melky Cabrera, NYY

Right Fielders

1. Ichiro, SEA

2. Bobby Abreu, LAA

3. Nick Markakis, BAL

4. Ben Zobrist, TB

5. Michael Cuddyer, MIN

Starting Pitchers

1. Roy Halladay, TOR

2. Zach Greinke, KC

3. Kevin Slowey, MIN

4. Justin Verlander, DET

5. Josh Beckett, BOS


1. Jonathon Papelbon, BOS

2. Brian Fuentes, LAA

3. Bobby Jenks, CWS

4. Mariano Rivera, NYY

5. Joe Nathan, MIN

National League


1. Brian McCann, ATL

2. Yadier Molina, STL

3. Bengie Molina, SFO

4. Ivan Rodriguez, HOU

5. Russell Martin, LAD

First Basemen

1. Albert Pujols, STL

2. Prince Fielder, MIL

3. Todd Helton, COL

4. Ryan Howard, PHI

5. Nick Johnson/Adrian Gonzalez/Derek Lee WAS/SD/CHC (All performing at same level)

Second Basemen

1. Freddy Sanchez, PIT

2. Chase Utley, PHI

3. Orlando Hudson, LAD

4. Skip Schumaker, STL

5. Brandon Phillips/Clint Barmes CIN/COL

Third Basemen

1. David Wright, NYM

2. Pablo Sandoval, SFO

3. Ryan Zimmerman, WAS

4. Chipper Jones, ATL

5. Mark Reynolds, ARI


1. Hanley Ramirez, FLA

2. Miguel Tejada, HOU

3. Cristian Guzman, WAS

4. Troy Tulowitzki, COL

5. Rafael Furcal, LAD

Left Fielders

1. Raul Ibanez, PHI

2. Ryan Braun, MIL

3. Adam Dunn, WAS

4. Carlos Lee, HOU

5. Jeremy Hermida, FLA

Center Fielders

1. Carlos Beltran, NYM

2. Matt Kemp, LAD

3. Shane Victorino, PHI

4. Michael Bourn, HOU

5. Nate McLouth, ATL

Right Fielders

1. Brad Hawpe, COL

2. Justin Upton, ARI

3. Hunter Pence, HOU

4. Andre Ethier, LAD

5. Randy Winn, SFO

Starting Pitchers

1. Chad Billingsley, LAD

2. Matt Cain, SFO

3. Johan Santana, NYM

4. Tim Lincecum, SFO

5. Dan Haren/Chris Carpenter, ARI/STL


1. Francisco Rodriguez, NYM

2. Heath Bell, SD

3. Ryan Franklin, STL

4. Francisco Codero, CIN

5. Trevor Hoffman, MIL

AL MVP: Jason Bay
AL CY YOUNG: Roy Halladay

NL MVP: Albert Pujols
NL CY YOUNG: Matt Cain

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