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Cy Young Contenders-1st Month

Posted on: May 2, 2010 12:53 am
There was many surprises around the MLB after April. Pitchers came up in the clutch to lead their team to victory. I know it is early, but here are some pitchers to watch out for. This is NOT if the season ended today--it is who I think is on track to win it. <br />National League<br />1. Tim Lincecum<br /><span> </span>Lincecum continues to impress game after game with his amazing stuff. He will be a great pitcher for many years to come. Lincecum and Sandoval might be the only reason the Giants might have any chance at the playoffs. I believe if Lincecum can guide the Giants to the playoffs, the award will be his yet again.<br />2. Roy Halladay<br /><span> </span>Roy took no time adjusting to the National League as hes off to a great start with the Phillies. Roy has proved he can last a solid nine innings when he's on. Roy has a dazzling 1.47 ERA so far, and with the Phillies power packed offense, he shouldn't lose many more games. <br />3. Adam Wainwright<br /><span> </span>Wainwright is one of the many reasons his Cards will be the best in the National League. The Cardinals feature a deadly rotation, anchored by Wainwright. As he showed last year. Wainwright has the ability to last long, fool batters with his off-speed and overpower them with his fastball. This is a guy you can always count on.<br />4. Barry Zito<br /><span> </span>Yes, im putting him this high up. Zito received that contract he wanted long ago, and he's finally realizes he has to do something. After sub-par seasons with the Giants, Zito has brought much more intensity this year. His stuff his still excellent and there's no reason why he shouldn't continue his success after the confidence he has built for himself. We all know this guy has Cy Young potential.<br />5. Chris Carpenter<br /><span> </span>This veteran has never failed to impress. Since he has been with the Cardinals hes been nothing but succesful, bouncing back from injuries and winning games. While he might not have as good of a year as last years campaign, he sure will bring a lot to the table for this years club. Carp is another guy that gives his team a chance every time.<br />Honorable Mention: Ubaldo Jimenez, COL; Barry Zito, SF; Brad Penny, STL; Dan Haren, ARI; Yovani Gallardo, MIL; Josh Johnson, FLA.<br />American League<br />hernandezweavergarzariverapricem
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Posted on: May 9, 2010 7:04 pm

Cy Young Contenders-1st Month

Here is my leaders for the NL and AL. NL: 1. Ubaldo Jimenez, this is straight up nasty, he has a fast ball that he hits 97 with ON A BAD DAY, and he has a nasty curveball.  I don't think this guy will have more than 2 losses the whole season. 2. Tim Lincecum, this guy is as good has many of the great pitchers and he looks like a 14 year old.  He sits atop a very good 1-2 punch for the Giants and will be a GREAT pitcher for years to come. 3. Roy Halladay, this guy has continued his dominance into the National League and is playing for one of the best teams in baseball.  He is gonna have a tremendous season.  4. is gonna be Chris Carpenter, this guy is expierenced, but can still throw amazing games, combine that with a great team and you'll see Chris Carpenter in the finalists for the CY young.  5. next is gonna be Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter's CY young calliber counterpart.  This guy has made a great transition from the bullpen to the rotation and will be there at the end in condition for the CY young.  Notiable entries for the race will be Barry Zito, who has made a 180 degree turn from last season, Yovani Gallardo who plays for a very good team, Cole Hamels who is flying under the radar for the Phillies but still has Cy Young calliber stuff, and Johan Santana, who still has a little bit of greatness left in him.  AL: atop of the AL will be big CC Sabathia, who is the ace for the Yankees and is gonna shine with having Pettite carry some of the load for the Yankees rotation, King Felix who is gonna be atop the rotation for the new-look Mariners, and 3rd in the running will be Andy Pettite, who, even in his old age, will be a beast for the World Champion Yankees and last but not least, Francisco Liriano, who has turned it around since last season and will be a beast for the Twin's.

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Posted on: May 5, 2010 5:09 pm

Cy Young Contenders-1st Month

thats a good list.. but i think youre forgetting number 1. Ubaldo Jiminez.. how can he not even make your top 5 when hes clearly been the best picther.. he already threw a no hitter.. has the most wins and lowest era.. i am a big fan of wainwright and lincecum.. but u can not put them over jiminez at this point.. you are obviously speaking from the percpective of a cards fan.. the title of your article is cy young contenders 1st month.. and 3 guys fromt he cards made ur list.. im sorry to tell u carpenter or penny is not winnin cy young this year.. and neither will barry zito.. but as of right now (1 month in) jiminez is clearly the front runner.. im a yankee fan.. im not sayin burnett sabathia and phil hughes are top 3 for cy young.. cuz they arent.. cuz while they are all picthin well.. there are guys like lirano that have dominated and deserve it more at this point.. but other than u nameing 3 cards picthers.. that loist is pretty accurate and u may be right about lincecum winning it cuz he is near unhittable almost every game.. and throws 4 picthes 4 strikes any time..

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